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We Serve HALAL Food*

Only Place for
Authentic "Bawarchi" Biryani
in the Bay Area.

Delicious Chettinad Experience
at Dosa Bawarchi.


Dosa Bawarchi is open on Monday as well.


About Dosa Bawarchi

Dosa Bawarchi brings you the authentic taste of India. A selection of dishes from Indian made using recipes and techniques that are hundreds of years old. From the truly authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biryani to the robust flavors of Chettinad dishes to the wide selection of Indian Crepes (Dosas), the menu represents a mosaic of the regional cuisines of India. Our executive chef - Kumar brings 20 years of experience to the kitchen. He has fine tuned these dishes to provide you with an experience of being transported to India.


Excellent food.. Affordable prices.. Happy Customers...